In person training at my purpose built gym, with face to face sessions and personalised plans to suit your individual goals, body type, age and expertise.


Training to suit your busy schedule, at a pace to suit you when, where and whenever you want to do it, with my guidance and support throughout.


I come to your house or workplace and bring all the kit you need with me specific to your goals and you only need a small space to get started with.


A mix of the above some in person training (at my place or yours) and some online training, so you get the ultimate package and maximum results.


A personalised plan to eliminate all the doubts you have about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. No more guesswork.


Whether you are a carnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan there is a pack for you, plus a lot more besides and some awesome recipes for you to try.

Why Choose us?

If you struggle to keep the weight off and it fluctuates dramatically, you are not alone! You may feel like you are never going to get to your goal, but it is easier than you think.

You do not need another diet in your life, you need structure and the ability to adapt so you can carry on getting results as and when your life changes and become busier or more stressful (because it is going to happen, we both know that!)

It is about finding the best way forwards from a good starting point and being consistent and motivated to get the results

Not that there will not be some times when you get frustrated or lose focus and motivation (because there will be) but that why you have me in your corner, motivating and cheering you on every step of the way and beyond, to make the journey much more fun and enjoyable than you thought it could be .

What Clients Say


Emma Farrant, Kings Lynn

I was so nervous at the beginning of this journey BUT have just had Session 20 with Adam and 20 pounds gone so far! Adam has helped me learn so much about food and training, his knowledge is immense, Having never exercised or trained before it has all been new to me but with the help of Adam I am finally getting my confidence back and beginning to like me again and feel good again So if you need a friendly but firm, knowledgeable personal trainer, then Adam is your guy!.

Tony Hyde, Norwich

I am a 68 year old male who looked in the mirror a few months ago and found I was wasting away. Adams brief was to stop me doing that. i have seen really encouraging results in my actual build and especially the energy that i now have. Adam pushes me to my limit, but is professional enough to know when to stop. I haven't failed to achieve everything asked. If you want to feel good, have fun and improve your physical shape, I would recommend some sessions with Adam..

Tom Baylis, Chedgrave

Knowledge and understanding second to none, tailoring this to my needs sets apart from previous experiences I have had. On track and making progress.....

Nicholas Halpern, Thetford

Anyone who wants a Personal Trainer, I highly, highly recommend Adam Minors. Is it a bias opinion? Some may say yes but I say no, because until you work with him, you honestly don't know how amazing and how rewarding his sessions are. Not only do you lose weight and/or gain muscle but you feel happier at the end of it. It really is worth every penny..

Angela Spencer, Norwich

I have not had a personal trainer before, my experience with Adam has been brilliant. Adam takes his time to explain what muscles are being worked and gives you a variety of exercises. Adams way of training and planning nutritional meals works really well. Adam changes your way of thinking about food and exercise that stays with you whether at home or going out for a meal. You have to put a lot of work and effort in yourself, but with Adams guidance you can achieve amazing results. Thank you Adam

Jonathan Smith, Narborough

2 months in and what a difference! I am stronger, leaner and feel great. Adam quickly understood my fitness level and goals and developed a programme which has accelerated my results. I have always been reasonably fit but I wanted to find that next level and add new dimensions to my training. Adam quickly identified areas for me to work on with no 2 sessions the same, each workout is varied, enjoyable and I know I am working hard and developing my physique and fitness. People are now noticing the changes in me and I am noticing my upper body is filling out my t shirts in the right places and my waist is much smaller as my shorts/trousers are no longer tight! I have tried a few PTs in the past and Adam is a level above anyone else I have used, really pleased to be working with him, highly recommend his services.

Chris Rosling, Eye

Adam , handsdown is the most knowledgeable guy I've ever met about the human body and how it works best for you. A true professional in his trade. The things I really enjoy from his sessions are that their really FUN! , but also after every workout , I feel it and I know I've had a good workout. I didn't really know anything about training effectively and eating healthier before i met him. With every session I have now , it motivates me and I learn more so i can train in my own time. I would recommend adam to everyone, above all else, hes a really friendly and funny guy.

Rebecca Webster, Litcham

At 46 overweight and feeling really tired, sluggish and not liking what I saw in the mirror I looked around for a PT to help give me that kick start. On the introductory meeting within minutes I knew Adam was the right trainer for me. His knowledge of all matter of health and fitness was Superb he keeps up to date with his continuing learning which he passes on during session. Each session is always different and a surprise so no two sessions are the same. The training is not always easy but Adam uses gentle encouragement and a good sense of humour to keep me going. I can't recommend Adam enough for anyone looking to change their fitness and overall health .

Liz & Ed Lorenzo - Peirson, Eccles

We've both got underlying health issues and have dropped the ball on eating and drinking (alcohol) this year.
In Adam we've found someone who knows so much about all aspects of fitness. He also has provided us with a whole dietary world to help us to reach our goals. There's a website for planning fitness and dietary goals which we've recently been introduced to. There are also many, many breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for all diets (I'm a pescatarian and my husband is an omnivore!)
We chose a 12 week course to start, with weekly visits. Each week Adam comes with different exercises and sometimes specialist equipment to keep us interested. He's good at adapting sessions if there are any health issues - which there have been several times!

We're really happy with the service Adam provides and think that we will have an ongoing relationship with him. He's slowly kneeding us into better shape!

Tom Mathews, Norwich

I've been training with Adam for around 2 months now, my goals are to try and lose weight and build up muscle and stamina. During my consultation, Adam spoke about ways in which he could help and since I've been training with him he has made everything very clear and easily manageable for my abilities. The training has been varied and challenging each week. Adam has a great knowledge and experience of all aspects of fitness and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve fitness goals.